About Eva Flatscher

Eva Flatscher is a Viennese painter and performer, working in an avant-garde combination of painting, dance, and music known as Light Painting. She performs frequently with outstanding musicans from differing backgrounds - classical, jazz, new music - and with renowned dancers throughout Europe and the United States. Eva Flatscher creates transcending art, which breaks traditional boundaries between art forms and expands horizons. Uniquely for a fine artist, she paints live in front of an audience. Her work is created in the moment for the moment - without using any pre-produced material. She uses light instead of paint, a grip pen instead of a brush. It is a digital performance, which has its roots with the Dutch masters of the 17th century. Johannes Vermeer knew, that with the first stroke of the brush a painting is ready and readable in its entirety. Without this technique live painting in front of an audience would be impossible. Eva Flatscher transforms traditional understanding of fine art and takes it to an entirely new level.